1001 Jensen CV8 Mk.III (1965)

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1001 Jensen CV8 Mk.III (1965)

Jensen CV8 Mk.III (1965-66) Engine 5916cc V8 OHV Production 141
Registration Number CEA 381 C
The original Jensen CV8 was launched in 1962 with the same chassis and glass fibre body as the earlier 541S, except for the frontal slant eye styling. But with a Chrysler V8 engine and Torqueflite column selected transmission. Power-Lok differential, radio, and reclining front seats. With a claimed top speed of 140mph. After 70 cars it was superseded by the Mk.II
Still with unequal sized quad headlights and a larger 330bhp engine, Selectaride rear dampers.
The Mk.III 1965-66 has equal sized head lamps, separate rear flashers and dual braking system

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