1003 Jowett Javelin (1952)

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1003 Jowett Javelin (1952)

Jowett Javelin (1947-53) Engine 1486cc HO4 OHV Production 22799

Registration Number KWO 154



An advanced car for it’s day, designed by Geoffry Palmer with an advanced push rod engine, independant front suspension with torsion bars front and rear and unitary body construction. Said to be good for 80mph with excellent handling. With a chassis designed by Eberan von Eberhorst who had worked for Auto Union and was in part responsible for their awesome 1930’s Grand Prix cars. The streamlined bodies were built by Briggs Motor Bodies in a newly constructed factory in Doncaster. and supplied fully trimmed.

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Shot 07:07:2014 at on Cars in the Park, Beacon Park, Lichfield REF 102-1003

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