2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Price: $84,900
Stock: 6100
Mileage: 1300
VIN: 1G1YR26R295800446
Exterior Color: Velocity Yellow Tintcoat
Interior Color: Ebony

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 ZR1 for sale

Exotic Classics is proud to offer this 2009 Corvette ZR1 Yellow with Black interior with only 1,300 one owner showroom condition miles. The Corvette ZR1 engine is a heavily modified version of the LS3 Corvette engine, designated the supercharged LS9 Corvette engine. Producing 638 hp, it is the most powerful production Corvette to date. The LS9 has a sixth-generation Eaton TVS R2300 roots 4-lobe supercharger with intercoolers from Behr, utilizing an air-to-water, dual-brick design. The supercharger’s four-lobe design offers improved efficiency over three-lobe models. To avoid changes to the hood appearance, the supercharger’s output was split into two halves. Each cylinder bank has an intercooler.The name of the ride control system is Magnetic Selective Ride Control (MSRC). MSRC is provided by Delphi Automotive Systems from technology invented by the GM Research Laboratories. The system uses two modes of control: Tour and Sport.The system offers standing start launch modifications. When launching the ZR1 from a standing start, the shocks are completely softened on launch and stiffened on rebound. The softened shocks on launch aid the ZR1 by allowing weight to transfer to the rear, aiding traction. The ride control standing launch modifications are designed to minimize bounce.The ZR1 features a double-wishbone suspension system and Magnetic Selective Ride Controlwhich adjusts shock-absorber damping in real time to either “Tour” or “Sport” mode.The MSRC shocks are automatically adjusted based on driving conditions and vehicle dynamics (cornering, braking, etc) for optimal handling. The system is adjusted every millisecond to provide sharp handling during spirited driving, and a smooth ride while cruising.The new high-end magnetic suspension system enables the ZR1 to deliver great handling and grip to achieve 1.10 g of average lateral acceleration.The chassis, similar to the 2008 Z06, is made of aluminum. To cut weight, many panels are made of carbon fiber. Panels made of carbon fiber are the fenders, hood, roof, splitter, and rocker extensions. To prevent the sun from damaging the binder in the exposed carbon fiber composite body panels, panels are protected with a clear coating.The rear wheels are the largest ever mounted on a production Corvette with 335/25 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires on 20 in (510 mm) wheels.The ZR1 has a length of 176.2 inches (4,480 mm), width of 75.9 inches (1,930 mm), and height of 48.7 inches (1,240 mm). The ZR1 has a curb weight of 3,405 lb (1,544 kg).The front brake rotors are similar to the carbon ceramic design employed in the Ferrari FXX track car, the difference being a diameter reduction from 15.75 in (400 mm) to 15.5 in (390 mm) for added wheel clearance. The front calipers are Brembo 6-piston units.Rear calipers are Brembo 4-piston units. The rear brakes are 15 in (380 mm) carbon ceramic rotors, originally employed as the Enzo Ferrari’s front rotors. Same as those used in the BMW M3 GTS.Both front and rear pads have twice the contact area of the Z06’s, as well as the addition of brake pad wear sensors. The brake master cylinder, booster, ABS unit and system controller are now obtained from Bosch instead of Delphi

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